By Michael Raley

Accept the facts that this won’t be easy and it will be a long soul’s night.
There will be struggles and tears- that’s all right.
Make the conscious choice to ignore the internal and external negative voices.The voices that say,
“Stay down.”

“Give up.”

“Don’t bother trying.”

“You’re too old.”

“You’re not worthy to be loved.”

“Remember when you failed before?”

“You’re going to mess this up too.”

When the voices remind you of your perceived losses,

Take a look at your scars.

The scars are proof you are a survivor;

You came back from that battle, you’ll come back from this too.

You will get knocked down,

But you are defeated only if you stay down.

So I say to you, you mighty warrior, “Rise.”

Rise in the Light and vanquish the darkness,

For today is the day we raise our hands and fight.


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