Between Faith and Reason By Michael W.Raley

There is coming a change of season.

However, I am stuck somewhere between faith and reason.

My life has been rearranged

By the renewal of positive change,

Which has encouraged me to fight

While I walk in dim light.

My mind, spirit, and soul continue to ebb and flow

As I experience the mountain highs and valley lows.

“Strength! Strength!” I pray to continue the fight,

Hoping God’s light will shine on my long soul’s night.

I feel lost with no direction,

Yet I still believe in the resurrection.

Deep down, I still have my song,I still have my hope

Or I long ago would not have been able to cope.

I may be temporarily shackled in iron chains,

Weighted down by needless fear, guilt, and shame.

Christ still reigns!

He bore my sins and my pain.

Deep down I try to understand that this barrenness is for a reason,

That I may experience freedom and joy in an upcoming season.

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