Do You Hear the Sound of New Life? By Michael W. Raley

In this world, nothing is guaranteed or automatic,

Nor does it always pay to be pragmatic.

No matter how much I try to justify and arrange,

The rules and stakes will always change.

If I don’t keep up, I will fall behind;

It’s a real possibility, it’s only a matter of time.

I always look for ways to balance my faith and reason,

So they will flow together like the changing seasons.

I’m not a victim of circumstance,

Only the results of my lot, decisions, indecision, and their consequences.

I know that I am not alone,

Yet I feel left out for reasons unknown.

My time is of the essence,

I dare not leave it to chance.

I hear the sounds of chains hitting the ground,

Reminding me that I am still bound.

I have come to the revelation,strange as it may seem:

I must stay awake in order to live this dream.

Arise! Arise! Arise! From your nightly slumber,

Shed those ill-fitting clothes and throw away your number!

My friend, don’t you know

That you are free to go?

You don’t have to be bound by your limitations

Nor do you have to tremble in fear and intimidation.

I know this prison well,

For it is the design of the master of hell.

I pray that it won’t take long

For me to start singing my freedom song.

O Lord, do not let me in resignation yield.

Show me Your light and the way out will be revealed.

Soldier, stand on your feet and look around!

Plant your feet on the solid ground.

Listen for the marching sound

Of a new life coming around.

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